Fixing the Furnace

While sitting in my livingroom I heard a gurgling sound coming from the basement. Thinking that this could be something wrong with the plumbing job that I recently had done, I got up to investigate.

With the fear that I may have do deal with another mess of leaky water, I moved with haste. Fortunately, the plumbing had no noticable defects, but there existed a much greater concern. When the temperatures are near zero degrees it becomes a dangerous situation when your furnice is not functioning in its intended manner, and the temperature inside was dropping.

The gurgling from before was some air passing through a reservoir filled with condensate from the furnace condenser. This is the first stage of what could turn into a much more expensive problem. A problem which when left unchecked could lead to the replacement of an entire furnace.

I contacted JP Heating and Cooling to get a technician over to check on the problem. Being that it was afterhours I chose to make an appointment for the next day, as opposed to paying a premium. Considering that the furnace still worked periodically, and the fact that I had space heaters, should the need arise, waiting was not an issue.

Later in the evening I remembered that the repair insurance which I had purchased with Consumers Energy included furnace repair. Calling them with the expectation that I would be able to recieve their assistance at no additional cost, I was justifiably elated. Sadly, elation quickly turned into disappointment.

The plan which I purchased didn’t go into effect for another two days. Yet there was hope. I was informed that if I provided an invoice for the service rendered then they may still be able to cover some of the cost. An unfortunate circumstance became a glimmer of hope, and now I wait.

Last modified: 04-01-2018 10:45:08

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