Spiritual Paths

Look around you. Pick an object. What do you see? Now look deeper. Beyond the microscopic, beyond the atomic, and indeed, beyond every known physical aspects of that object. What do you see? This is the world of spirituality. It is the way that we interpret and describe the pure essence of the world around us. For some of you what you see is the perfect design of a creator. Some may see something which they find a deep connection to. Others still may look at that object and see nothing at all. There are as many spiritual interpretations of the world around us as there has been people in all of existence; yet none are superior to another.

Spirituality is an aspect of the human psyche which has been the muse of countless individuals; either for the benefit of mankind, or leading to the destruction of whole civilizations. It is the purest form of personal expression. However it is practiced, what matters it the intent of the practitioner. Whichever path is chosen, know that it’s impact will forever shape the lives of yourself, those close to you, and your decedents.

One must be careful of succumbing to the trap of conforming your spiritual self to a religion. While their incite is valuable, to take them as literal, becoming overzealous to the point of the delusion of superiority to any other’s path, or blindly following specific dogma, religion becomes harmful. To enforce your spiritual beliefs on others robs them of their own self-discovery, and the development of their personal values. Spirituality will always come from within, and never from others. When you let someone control you by a set of spiritual rules, then you become a slave to their will, and not the divine spark that you are. Just as we change in the course of a lifetime, so too must our paths be ever-changing. Following one path blinds you to others, and convinces you that your path is the only way to the same goal. Enlightenment.

The following are a list of spiritual paths which have influenced my life, and the personal incite in which I have received through them:

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Agnosticism, Alchemy, Atheism, Christianity, Druidry, Esoteric/Occult, Pantheism, Wicca, and The Jedi Order.