The Mage of the North Wood

Hello! My name is Marcus, The Mage Of the North Wood. I live in a small town in Southwest Michigan, in the United States of America. It is here, with the company of my wife Kay, our baby-to-be, and our two dogs, that I work to further my skills in order to give my family a comfortable life through thrift and ability. Through much of my life, I have spent much of his time in passionate study. Not for the sake of personal or financial gain, but in order to learn as much as I can for knowledge sake, and to be proficient in as many tasks which may stand in my path.

In college, I studied in the areas of art, philosophy, mathematics, science, and engineering. I had learned to use these skills to not only provide a better life for my family, but to have a greater understanding of the world around me, and the interconnectivity in all things.